Thursday, 17 September 2020

Types of characters

Today we had to watch some videos about different types of characters. hope you like this please leave some feed back.

Protagonist is the good guy in the movie 

Antagonist is the bad guy so the guy that you not want to win like the joker

Narrator is the guy that tells us what is happening or what has happened

Flat character is someone in the background that you don’t know about

Dynamic character is a character that changes throughout the story

Static character is a character that does not change in the story

Round character is someone who develops something 

Rugby 7s tournament review

Today we had to write about what we were doing the past few days some people just went to school but me and a few others were out at a tournament for rugby 7s and more people were out doing a tournament for other sports. like football, hockey an volley ball but I competed in rugby 7s.

So for the last two days I was out at a rugby 7s tournament out at nunweek park there were seven schools at the tournament. We won only one game out of nine games. The bad thing of the tournament was how long the games were they were only 14 minute games and 7 minute half's. What I enjoyed was the the teacher that came with us was not strict and was positive even when we lost she did not care the only thing that she cared about was that we were having fun and that we were all being positive. 

So that was what I did in the last few days what did you do in the past few days?  

Rugby Sevens - Learn the Game! - YouTube

Thursday, 10 September 2020

health crisis

Today we had to make a dlo about a health crisis i chose bowel cancer her in my dlo please leave some feed back

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

ww1 memorials

Today we had to listen or read a story about war memorials and now we have to answer two questions. hope you like them please leave some feedback.

list 2 reasons that war memorials were built:

1. the memorials were built because when the soldiers died they were buried over seas 

2. the family an Friends of the people that died wanted to have a place where they can go to remember them.

list 3 features of the memorials:

1. some of the memorials had just a concrete design and had there name carved into it.

2. some memorials were a shape of people.

3. some are arches that would lead into somewhere and had there names on it.

NZ protests

Today we had to make a dlo about protests and we found out that one of our old science teachers was the head of hart. Here is my DLO. Hope you enjoy.


Today in science we used solar ovens that we mad to make some smores. i made the oven out of tin foil and cardboard. the tinfoil reflected the sun. 

 Store - Solar Cooking

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


Today we had to write a letter that we would write to our family if we were in the war and then we had to answer some questions here is my work hope you like it.